Put All Your Recruiting Eggs in One Basket

You never want to put all your eggs in one basket, except for the two times when you do: when you’re on an Easter egg hunt or you’re a recruiter in need of streaming your talent acquisition process.

In 2016, iCIMS launched UNIFi, a groundbreaking Platform-as-a-Service solution that allows organizations to handle all aspects of talent acquisition housed under one platform. UNIFi answers the call for a simpler approach to recruitment through a full suite of talent acquisition solutions, a newly introduced Marketplace that features nearly 150 products, the industry’s largest partner ecosystem, and the promise of centralized data and analytics to help companies make better strategic business decisions.

Studies by Netskope indicate that the average business uses 77 HR services and unfortunately 97 percent of them are not well integrated, leading to decreased productivity in working with disparate systems. For customers who value centralization of their hiring tools, UNIFi is able to deliver one experience, one view, and countless possibilities for their talent acquisition needs. UNIFi allows recruiting leaders to leverage the ability to shop for, integrate, and build talent acquisition solutions to strengthen their recruiting strategies. Scalable, easy-to-use, and built with intuitive design, the UNIFi platform brings together the highly trusted iCIMS suite of products with the largest ecosystem of top tier talent acquisition providers into a truly integrated platform.

How can you best organize your talent acquisition eggs into one streamlined, recruitment basket?

1.Unite Your Eggs with the iCIMS Marketplace:  iCIMS offers seamless connections with other HR solutions, creating a central hub for employee data. The result is a faster, better-informed decision on which products are the best fit for an organization’s recruiting needs. The iCIMS Marketplace is comprised of more than 150 products from companies that have created Connectors or built applications that work in conjunction with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite. These products are organized into 22 different categories that enable companies to attract, find, screen, and employ talent. The most important differentiator of the iCIMS Marketplace is how it logically organizes all of a company’s talent acquisition tools within its existing hiring workflow. Areas such as background checks, assessments, and HRIS integrations, which may have previously been initiated in separate systems, are now simply part of their process within one, simple- to-navigate system of record. By centralizing all of the tools in one platform, it is easier to use and measure the impact of hiring solution investments.

2.Polish Your Eggs with iCIMS Connectors: Connectors are the key to activating integrations with the iCIMS Talent Acquisition Suite. iCIMS has proven the quality of our integrations upfront to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible. In fact, iCIMS offers Standard Connectors that are pre-built on iCIMS’ defined best practices. These connectors are based on numerous successful integrations, resulting in easy activation and streamlined workflows. iCIMS provides peace of mind and a better overall customer service experience by monitoring all Standard Connectors and delivering the iCIMS Customer Commitment within one centralized system of record.

3.Design Your Eggs with iCIMS Developer Tools: Through the iCIMS Developer Site we make it easy for our customers’ in-house developers to write to iCIMS’ APIs, allowing them to more easily integrate their own, custom-built products. iCIMS APIs are scalable, closely monitored, and updated frequently. We have invested in developing these APIs and continue ongoing development to ensure that our customers’ solutions are always performing efficiently.  With the goal of offering an enhanced developer experience, iCIMS is building a Developer Community on our Developer Site that will serve as a convenient communication and support channel across developers.

iCIMS technology is designed to provide maximum flexibility, growing with businesses from an Applicant Tracking System, expanding with a full suite, and ultimately thriving with best-in-class integrations to other HR technologies. Therefore, for customers who value bringing their talent acquisition world together by centralizing their hiring tools, iCIMS UNIFi delivers one experience, one view, and countless possibilities- i.e. it allows you to put all your eggs in one basket!

Put All Your Recruiting Eggs in One Basket

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Danielle McClow


April 14, 2017


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