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iCIMS Staff
June 9, 2020
Product Update

iCIMS ignite: Why We’re Taking a Mobile-First Approach

Almost 1/3 of U.S. adults are constantly connected online. We’re downloading apps to our personal devices to get work done where and when it’s most convenient. With more collaborative tools available (Teams, Slack, Evernote, etc.) and the growing trend of flex-hours and gig work, the technology you put in place for your hiring teams needs to be mobile.

Technology will continue to reshape how we interact with the world around us and prepare for the future of work. Our mobile devices (and the applications living on them) are our personal assistants for discovery, procurement and communication… And they only continue to evolve as 5G technologies, wearable devices and smart assistants push the boundaries to create a limitless playground for mobile possibilities.

It’s no surprise that just as mobile technologies have seeped into every angle of our personal lives, we are experiencing similar patterns in our work-lives. Whole workforces now demand solutions that allow work to happen anywhere. While we once viewed remote workforces and digital natives as the only mobile pioneers; we now find the ‘everyday’ worker becoming increasingly reliant on these devices to get their job done. From getting weather updates, tackling your to-do lists, or simply keeping productive during your morning coffee run, mobile devices have bred a new standard that work can and will happen everywhere.

With iCIMS ignite, we are embracing this new mentality of work – empowering users to be productive on any device. Our goal is to deliver a seamless and consistent experience at every proficiency level, so users can freely work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices, without constraint. One that takes the power and configurability iCIMS is known for and infuses it with a ‘consumer-grade’ experience, borrowing inspirations and concepts from some of the favorite apps we use in our personal lives to make work feel less like work.

When we started down the path of our new design initiative, we immediately embraced a mobile-first approach. We heard from our customers and learned you need:

  • Tools that work when you’re on the go
  • Ability to pick-up where you left off, regardless of device
  • A more modern experience that increases your team’s efficiency
  • To build and strengthen collaboration between hiring teams

holding phone with ignite screen

The world around us changes at such a fast speed and as we continue to see the blend of work-life, the tools around us need to provide the flexibility and support. iCIMS ignite will look to increase your efficiency and keep you focused on what you do best – building relationships with people and hiring the best talent.

Follow along the journey, stay updated on what we’re working on next, and share your feedback with us!


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