Job Seekers Are Window Shopping Your Employer Brand

As the holiday season draws near, the world of retail brings out its best, decking out window displays in decorations that catch the eye of passersby and convert browsers into customers. Shoppers are on a mission to check items off their shopping list, and so it is the challenge of businesses to entice the busy crowds to stop and look at their displays. These holiday decorations promoting their brand identity to its best advantage in order to catch the eye of busy shoppers, in hopes of bringing more customers into the shop. Job postings are much the same: busy applicants racing through, trying to accomplish as many applications as they can without slowing down for anything. In order to catch the eye of these candidates, take a lesson from holiday window shoppers and promote your employer brand and company culture through branded content to attract top-tier applicants.

Your Application Process is Consumer Facing

The job application process can be systematic and impersonal. You’ll lose out on top talent if your application is too long or unengaging. Conversely, having an application process that is positive and engaging not only brings more applicants to your organization, but candidates who are satisfied with their experience are twice as likely to become customers of the hiring organization compared to unsatisfied candidates. Experience, especially in the current realm of recruitment marketing, is everything. The first step in making the process of applying to your business more enticing is to maintain a customized career page that reflects your company culture and brand identity. Your brand has brought candidates to the door of applying—don’t lose them in an application process that is visually off-putting or hard to navigate. By customizing application pages to reflect brand identity, applicants are immersed in the world of your business, engaged from your webpage to the conclusion of their application by your company and values. Not only will this ensure that candidates who best-fit your company culture will apply, but will provide an application experience that feels personalized and engaging, rather than sterile and systematic. In the current world of talent acquisition, wherein candidate experience is king, having an application that is visually appealing and reflective of your company will enchant candidates and ensure that the experience is exciting and positive rather than boring or laborious.

Streamlined Application Processes Benefit Recruiters and Applicants

Equally important is providing a simple application process. Much like how businesses will place high-demand items plainly on display and near cash registers, making your application clean and easy to navigate will be the key to converting potential candidates into applicants. How long does it take for your business to hire a new employee? Place emphasis on decreasing the average time-to-fill and simplifying job hiring process steps. It’s no secret that integrated, simplified processes are the future of talent acquisition (TA). Having an applicant tracking system (ATS) that integrates with all of your TA tech is essential to successful recruiting. Having a career page that is seamlessly integrated with application documents, automated processes, and information means ease of use for recruiters and candidates: recruiters know that information will exist in its most updated form across all systems, and candidates have minimized data entry. By creating an application process that is quick and easy to complete in an integrated ATS solution, more candidates will complete applications with positive experiences, and employers will see an increase in applicants as well as streamlined data and metrics that allows for the maintenance of passive talent pools, with candidates saved for future reference and hiring.

Candidate Experience Doesn’t Stop After the Application Process

Candidates who are satisfied by their experience are 38 percent more likely to accept a job offer. In order to complete the candidate experience, the hiring and onboarding process must also be branded and engaging. In an interview, you have the opportunity to assess a candidate but the candidate is also assessing your company and the experience of being in your office. By promoting the same branding and engagement throughout the entire candidate process, from your career page through employee onboarding, candidates are able to feel part of the team before they have even begun to work.


Job Seekers Are Window Shopping Your Employer Brand

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iCIMS Staff


November 28, 2017


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