How to Secure the Class of 2018’s Top Candidates, Now

It may seem like the Class of 2017 is just getting settled into their post-graduation careers, but as the fall semester progresses, employers should already be thinking about engaging the Class of 2018. Recent unemployment rates continue to favor job seekers, creating heightened competition among organizations, and a more selective mindset for even entry-level job seekers. For proactive recruiting of the right college talent, November presents a great opportunity to get in front of students after the stress of October midterms are over, through career fairs.

With the right strategy to connect with today’s consumer-minded college talent at fall career events, organizations can build up their candidate pipelines with top-performers to proactively fill open positions and stay ahead of the competition.

Start with the Basics

There’s no doubt that career fairs are an excellent way to collect resumes and showcase an employer brand in front of active job seekers. More importantly though, career fairs provide employers with essential candidate facetime to accurately match a personality to the influx of resumes they receive. Seventy-one percent of recruiters seek out professionalism in job candidates, followed by drive and enthusiasm. Taking the time to evaluate these soft skills at an early stage gives recruiters and hiring managers a way to easily highlight the candidates they should prioritize, as well as those that may not be a great fit. At the same time, the ability for college seniors to put a face to the name of an organization can leave a memorable impression when it comes time to apply.

Incorporate a Modern Tech Experience

In addition to great conversation, these millennials will certainly be looking for innovative and future-thinking employers as they make their rounds. Their generation has grown up with fast and personalized experiences through popular networks such as Netflix, Tinder and Buzzfeed. With a modern experience being so engrained in their daily routine, college seniors can be won over by a recruitment experience that aligns with expectations of convenience. Employers can offer interested job seekers the ability to easily upload their resume through a candidate kiosk, or on their personal phones or tablets with a candidate relationship management (CRM) tool to fill talent pools. 

As conversations are occurring, hiring managers don’t need to worry about interrupting important networking opportunities by shuffling and sorting resumes. Instead, candidates can input their information quickly through social networks such as, LinkedIn, or by snapping a picture of the resume. By doing so, talent pools are populated quicker, with candidate information that can be sorted by major or experience level to allow for tailored follow up communication. Introducing modern technology provides employers with confidence that candidate information has been accurately captured into their recruitment software, and that consumer-minded talent will leave with a favorable impression.

Make Event Management Easier with a Mobile App for Hiring

With candidate data inputted to organized profiles in real time, recruiters can be proactively taking notes on students they speak with, while conversations are fresh in their minds. Mobile hiring app technology provides a simple process for taking action on prospective candidates from anywhere, at any time by accessing their profiles from a mobile device. A thumbs up, thumbs down style review makes feedback much faster, and allows employers to focus on candidates who made a great first impression. Candidates can also be tagged for certain positions, or skillsets to make the most efficient use of recruiter time at these events. By reviewing candidates on the go, employers can ensure soft skills are accounted for and decisions are being made beyond the resume itself, to either proceed with a prospective student, or decide to remove them from consideration.

With the right talent acquisition tools in hand to save time, and offer convenience for both candidates and recruiters, your organization is sure to impress the Class of 2018 and establish top-quality student talent pools.

How to Secure the Class of 2018’s Top Candidates, Now

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Jess Woloszyn


November 9, 2017


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