Holly Jolly Hiring: Improve Your Job Application Process

It’s typical for businesses to feel stressed about hiring around the holidays. Trying to find candidates to fulfill your employment needs during this hectic time of year can be difficult to do – from sorting through candidates, to qualifying them, and ensuring your job descriptions are attracting the right applicants. It can be exhausting. Especially if your company doesn’t have the proper job application processes in place.

When evaluating your existing process and looking for ways to improve upon them, it’s important to consider both the candidate’s perspective and your company’s perspective. For example, if you are garnering a lot of traffic to your job postings, but experiencing significant drop-off at a certain point of the application process, or on mobile applications, that may be indicative of a problem that should be fixed.

For example, ERE Daily has reported that if an application on a mobile device takes more than 15 minutes to complete, application rates drop by a staggering 365 percent. It’s crucial to figure out what may be deterring your applicants from proceeding with their applications, so that your company can address the issues accordingly.

In addition to reducing application drop-off rates, it’s important to ensure the application process is straightforward and informative. It is not helpful for numerous candidates to apply if none of them are interested in accepting the job. Job descriptions and application questions should provide insight into the actual position the applicant is applying to. This will ensure candidates are able to provide recruiters with accurate information to make an informed hiring decision, and ensure candidates are comfortable with the new role.

According to a study by IBM, candidates who have a satisfying candidate experience are 38 percent more likely to accept a job offer. Therefore, it’s not only important to get candidates through the door; they must be ones competent enough to suit your hiring needs.

So, while you may feel over-burdened now, below are a list of questions to ask during your job application assessment. You could be moments away from jingling-all-the-way down to creating a victorious job application process resulting in an abundance of qualified applicants to select from.

The first step is to take a good look at your company’s application process and re-evaluate how effectively it is being utilized.

Consider the following from the candidate’s perspective:

  • How much information are applicants required to provide up-front?
  • Are the job application process steps clear to applicants throughout?
  • How many steps are there for applicants to complete within the job application?
  • Could this process be any easier for applicants?

The other, more obvious perspective to use while evaluating your existing job application process is through your company’s eyes. Some recommended questions to consider are:

  • Is the job description truly indicative of company expectations for the position?
  • Is there a way you could better incorporate pre-screening questions within your application to better qualify candidates?
  • Have you implemented a way to connect with passive candidates for future consideration?
  • Is your organization experiencing candidate drop-off at a certain step in the application process? If so, which step is it?
  • Does your company website have a mobile-friendly view for submitting applications? If so, is it easy for candidates to use?
  • Have you implemented an employee referral program? If so, is it working successfully?

These key points are simple, but useful discussion starters. Each question is a starting point to creating a strategy around improvement to garner more applicants, leaving you feeling less stressed and more prepared. After all, no matter what your new year hiring goals are, chances are there’s plenty of room for improvement within your existing job application process that will help you find an abundance of candidates going forward.

Holly Jolly Hiring: Improve Your Job Application Process

Written By

iCIMS Staff


December 18, 2017


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