Healthcare Recruitment for the Next Generation of Nursing Talent

National Nurses Day

Early this month, nurses across the country will be recognized on behalf of National Nurses Day on May 6th. These men and women play a vital role in our communities, and are highly valued employees to healthcare organizations nationwide. In fact, national employment for healthcare-related occupations is predicted to grow between 10.5 and 23 percent between 2014-2024. Specifically, the country is experiencing a specific demand for personal care and residential nurses as the American labor force ages, and baby boomers reach the age of 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day. The medical demand is shifting from hospitals and inpatient settings to more personal assistance and residential environments, requiring specialized talent with interpersonal skillsets.

The good news is that healthcare companies are remaining a steady source of job growth, but recruiters are now faced with the challenge of filling an influx of open positions with the right candidates in a short amount of time. Here’s a look into the methods used by two specific organizations that are particularly feeling the competition for nursing talent:

Develop a Strategic, and Meaningful Approach to Healthcare Recruitment

Bayada Home Health Care, an international, home health care company employing over 18,000 nursing support staff, has been experiencing a shortage of candidates with the skillsets they require. One way that Bayada plans to reach their goal of hiring 3,000 employees in 2017, is by focusing on a recruitment marketing strategy that hits home with today’s nurses. Bayada took the time to recognize the importance of flexibility and culture among nursing candidates and initiated a complete rebrand driven by the slogan “I love what I do”. Not only does this simple message create consistency across recruitment marketing materials, but it aims to attract talent that will connect with Bayada’s mission and truly fit in to the organization’s culture.

By clearly identifying their target candidates, Bayada has taken a proactive approach to attracting the qualified nursing talent they need, in a competitive field. The organization recognizes that employees want to associate themselves with a meaningful career, and has included video testimonials from both the clinical manager and registered nurse perspective as a highlight of its career site homepage. With 90 percent of job seekers identifying the employee perspective as most useful when learning about a company, Bayada is able to effectively deliver its message and attract the right people quickly.

Connect with Qualified Talent Now, and Fill Open Positions Later

One focus of many recruiters is the effective use of talent pools to stay connected with passive talent and get ahead of hiring needs. Trilogy Health Services, a personalized health care and assisted living facility, has experienced challenges when hiring 2nd shift CNAs (certified nursing assistants). Being the most hired position in the company, there have routinely been more available jobs than there are applicants. Trilogy has created a customizable strategy to attract the talent they need throughout the year and establish a pipeline of qualified CNA candidates to pull from when a position becomes available.

With goals of filling 7,000 positions in 2017, Trilogy looks to bring on nursing staff that will honor the lives of its residents with compassion and commitment. Knowing that CNAs are an area where talent pools must be built up regularly, Trilogy partners with colleges and universities to host certified nursing assistant training classes with the organization’s culture in mind. Once the course is completed, Trilogy has established a talent pool of individuals that are trained for the CNA role and are great organizational fits. The company then nurtures those relationships with regular communication and updates about new positions through the use of a candidate relationship management tool. This creates a connection with job seekers so that when it comes time to apply for jobs, Trilogy is top of mind.

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Healthcare Recruitment for the Next Generation of Nursing Talent

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May 4, 2017


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