Five Ways Recruiters Can Attract Gen Z

Roughly 61 million Gen Zers are about to graduate college and enter the U.S. workforce. They will drastically change the way recruiting is done.

Generation Z, usually defined as people born starting in 1997, accounts for more than 86 million people in the U.S., making them the largest living generation. For this demographic, they cannot remember a time when they couldn’t text their friends or had to use an encyclopedia to look something up. Gen Zers are true digital natives that are accustomed to immediate gratification is all aspects of their life — whether online shopping or applying to a job — they expect a quick, smart and efficient experience.

With jobs ripe for Gen Zers choosing, companies looking to engage and hire them need to evolve with this generation’s more-informed expectations. From recruitment marketing strategies to the candidate experience, here’s how employers can deliver on what Gen Z expects as they head into their professional careers.

Enhance your career site and job postings for Google

Your career site is the optimal place for Gen Zers to get the information they need to quickly find, complete and submit a job application. The problem is that before they reach your career site, they’re diverted to third-party job sites filling out repetitive forms and profiles. We recently surveyed 500 college seniors and found that 65% agree that the majority of the search results from job boards that they’ve used are irrelevant or not a good fit for them.

By optimizing your career site for Google, and adding as much detail as possible to your job descriptions, your open positions will be displayed right in the Google search window and show information that Gen Zers actually care about like commute time, salary, responsibilities, etc. By giving out as much detail as possible, candidates will find your open roles quicker via Google, leading to a simplified application process and a better candidate experience.

Engage Gen Zers with compelling and meaningful content

According to research by Adobe, Generation Z spends an average of 10.6 hours engaging with online content each day. To build consumer engagement, the best marketers publish short, visual, shareable and clickable digital content, ensuring their brand stands out. Have a digital content strategy in mind to engage with Gen Z. 

Create and share content about your brand that’s compelling and speaks directly to the Gen Z candidate such as content about your purpose, diversity and inclusion, culture, training, social responsibility and industry-specific conversations (think women in tech) on your career and social sites to inform your candidates and Google. The more you create and publish relevant content, the greater chance you have of leading Gen Z candidates to your career site.

Make the job application a consumer experience

In a world where people stream Netflix to their phones while waiting for their Starbucks, and where companies provide one-click purchases and same-day shipping, Gen Z candidates expect the same convenience when applying for jobs.

Our class of 2019 report found that 59% of college seniors say they are likely to leave a negative review of a company online if they had a bad job application experience. Your career site should enable candidates to submit a resume on-the-go through cloud upload, parse their resume – including the skills section – from their mobile phone, and receive an immediate follow-up email – just like when they get their order confirmation and shipment notification immediately after buying something online.

Make your career site interactive and intuitive

Gen Z likes to feel connected and expects results quickly. What happens when candidates have a question for you after hours? Or they’re uncomfortable asking a recruiter directly? Use artificial intelligence-powered chatbots to correspond with candidates on frequently asked questions. We found that 32% of college seniors say the ability to live chat with a recruiter is lacking on career sites they’ve used to browse jobs. Using chatbots, along with texting, helps candidates stay engaged through the entire recruiting process including applying, and makes them feel more connected to your organization.

Consider Gen Zers data

According to Jaywing, 87% of Gen Zers consider keeping their information private more important than being popular online, such as getting ‘likes’ on social media posts. Only consider talent acquisition solutions that prioritize data security. Texting and social media communication solutions that integrate into your recruiting and HR solutions must maintain control of security, integrity of your candidates’ data, and ensure compliance. 

Generation Z grew up digitally savvy and expect an entirely intuitive, smart and timely experience when searching for a job. Creating a more-digital focused recruiting strategy that engages Gen Zers with content they care about, provides a mobile candidate experience and protects their data will help employers attract this new breed of employees as they head out into the workforce.

Five Ways Recruiters Can Attract Gen Z

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iCIMS Staff


May 14, 2019


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