E-Recruitment Congress Session to Focus on Replicating Consumer Experience for Candidates

iCIMS Staff
May 29, 2019

What do candidates want?

That question troubles employers around the world as they struggle to stave off crippling talent shortages amid the lowest unemployment rates seen in decades.

However, unlike previous economic expansions, the current one gave birth to candidates who think like consumers by browsing and researching prospective jobs and employers before applying, similar to the way that they methodically evaluate products and services before buying.

Yet, many employers still find themselves at a loss for how to handle candidates’ mind shift, including those in Europe, where the unemployment rate fell to 6.4% in March, the lowest percentage in more than 20 years, according to Eurostat, the European Union’s Luxembourg-based statistical provider.

Meanwhile, the number of candidates in the Asia-Pacific region — which includes Europe — who rated their experiences with five stars plummeted by 13% in 2018, the steepest drop of any region, according to Talent Board, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the candidate experience.

If Europe’s employers continue along that path, then they will lose candidates to their competitors at home and abroad. Those attending the E-recruitment Congress next week in Belgium can learn how to adapt the entire talent journey by joining Frederik Ballon, a Belgian and vice president of European sales at iCIMS, during his session from 15h00 to 15h45 on June 7 titled, “Candidates are consumers too: an essential mind shift.” More specifically, attendees will learn how to:

  • Think like marketers.
  • Walk a mile in candidates’ shoes.
  • Stay ahead of technology trends.


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