Don’t Let the Stress of Holiday Plans Get You Down: 3 Ways to Make Hiring Easier this Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and easily the busiest as the holidays quickly approach. People everywhere are in full planning mode when it comes to traveling, shopping and getting the family together. It’s easy to let your December to-do list consume you, but luckily for recruiters, this season just got slightly less stressful. Planning for the holidays can take a lot out of you, but planning for a year of great hires doesn’t have to. With the help of recruiting software, take the effort out of hiring for 2017 and get ahead of job postings, optimizing the best source of applicants for your organization, and seamlessly engaging candidates through every step of the process. Tis the season to streamline your processes and celebrate not only the holiday fun, but the great talent your company will land in the new year with these three tips.

Tip 1: Know Where Top Candidates Are Found, and Optimize Your Job Postings

Do you fit in with the seventy-four percent of employers who are spending over a half hour posting one open job to all of the places they source employees? There is a much simpler way to take back valuable time and access your top candidates with the click of a button. Job board posting software allows companies to measure which sources produce the most successful candidates for the company, and track candidate interaction from the time a person clicks on a job post for the first time, to the completion of their application, giving recruiters a pulse on individual job board performance. Companies can then make smarter decisions about where to focus recruitment efforts to reach candidates with the skillsets they need, and automate job postings to those top performing sources easily, with one click. Eliminating additional time and money from posting open positions is the first step to worrying less as the decorating begins.

Tip 2: The Gift That Keeps On Giving: An Employee Referral Program

The key to making sure the candidate flow doesn’t slow as the year comes to an end is right in front of you. Put your employees to work this season with an automated employee referral program. Implementing a program where employees can blast out job openings to their social networks with premade templates can help you gather a ready pool of talent, with little to no time taken away from the festivities. More people are predicted to search for new opportunities after the holidays, so get the ball rolling for them with new opportunities from a trusted source. When you receive a referral, you are receiving the gift of a candidate that is connected to someone you already have confidence in, and will be likely to return the favor by making a referral themselves down the line. With a program that reports on metrics, the company can see the exact source of each referral and gauge the success of the program in comparison to other methods, to increase return on investment. Don’t forget, a little holiday incentive for a successful referral can go a long way this time of year!

Tip 3: Keep Candidates Engaged with Branded Communications

As your December calendar fills up, don’t leave candidates in the dust. Make sure that your company stays at the top of every wish list by maintaining meaningful contact throughout the recruitment process. Keeping up with emails and status updates is easier with automated communication, allowing recruiters to engage quickly and effectively. With an applicant tracking system, recruiters are able to create email templates for application confirmations, advancements throughout the process and even rejections in order to maintain consistent employer brand messaging with every email. Maintaining a steady line of communication that flows between all stages of the recruitment process will impress and attract more applicants to the company, especially during a time when people tend to be hard to reach. The simple practice of a follow up email or call to a job seeker who has been left hanging by employers in the past will leave a lasting impact, and is even easier with software on your side.

Don’t let outdated recruiting practices take away from finding great talent this season. Let recruitment technology lead you to even more quality talent, while leaving time for holiday fun too. Curious what else recruiting software can do for you? Take a look at Ways Applicant Screening Software Can Help You Recruit an A-Team.


Don’t Let the Stress of Holiday Plans Get You Down: 3 Ways to Make Hiring Easier this Season

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Jess Woloszyn


December 7, 2016


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