Candidates' Expectations Are Changing

In an age when people expect everything to be fast and easy— thanks to one-click shopping, mobile streaming from virtually anywhere and the automation of just about everything — employers need to differentiate themselves by overhauling what most consider to be an awful, frustrating and taxing experience – the job search.

Today’s candidates are more informed, and more digitally savvy, than ever. Chances are that before they even start their job search, they’ve done their homework — by reading Glassdoor reviews, checking your social media pages, and browsing your company blog — to get a sense if you’re an employer they’d want to work for. Research by Forrester found that 70-90% of customers make decisions on what to buy without ever engaging with a brand by leveraging technology and review sites. 

The tables have turned. We’re living in a time when jobs outnumber available workers, giving candidates the power. If you’re not delivering an experience that attracts, engages, informs and communicates digitally with candidates on-the-go, you could lose them out to your competition.

Next week on Recruiting Daily, we will share details about how to create a powerful value proposition; create an effective career site; engage talent through text and chatbots, and setup new hires for long-term success through onboarding. The exclusive series is teeming with content devoted to tangible best practices to enhance your candidates’ experience and help you grow your workforce.

Key insights include:

As Jeff Bezos once said, “The most important single thing is to focus obsessively on the customer.” We say, obsess over how you treat your candidates. By giving them the consumer-focused experience they expect, you will build the best workforce possible.

We hope you enjoy the blog series to follow on Recruiting Daily next week.   

Candidates' Expectations Are Changing

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Danielle McClow


May 8, 2019


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