Beyond LinkedIn, Recruiting on Other Popular Social Platforms

We are now well on our way into a new year and hiring plans have been set into motion. Employers are eager to lock in top talent sooner rather than later to stay ahead of openings throughout the year. A large source of fresh talent comes from the universities that will be releasing eager college seniors into the job market in just a few short months. To ensure enthusiastic job seekers are within reach, recruiters must refocus their social media recruiting strategy and take a step away from the tradition of LinkedIn, and into popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Taking to these modern social platforms to share updates on the company and a glimpse into its culture is the key to unlocking a larger pool of talent at the same time that college seniors begin their search. With 92 percent of companies using social media for hiring, stand apart from the competition and spend recruitment time and money in the right places.

Not sure where to start? Try these strategies for engaging talent on modern social platforms.

Start the #Conversation

According to a study by Pew Research Center, about six-in-ten adults between the ages of 18 and 29 use Instagram, nearly double the share among 30 to 49 year-olds. Similarly, 36 percent of the younger demographic is active on Twitter and 79 percent of all internet users are on Facebook. One great aspect of taking to these popular social networks is the ability to interact with job seekers and encourage conversation to grab their attention quickly. The concept of hashtags is something that many people do not understand and therefore do not use to its full potential. When used in a relatable and unique way, a single hashtag opens up a post to users who search that particular term. Instead of including “#BestEmployer” with a post about your brand new benefits program, open content up for conversation by trying something like “#WhatWeLoveAboutOurEmployer”. When you open up content for interpretation, you are driving the curiosity of job seekers and inviting them to explore the company further. If a consistent group of hashtags is used across many networks, recruiters set themselves up for a recognizable employer brand that is sure to set their organization apart from the rest.

Give Content a Human Touch

People don’t search fora job with the goal to join a company with a nice building, or an attractive logo. People want to join people. With that in mind, pair up with marketing to take a less robotic approach to content creation for social media channels that allow for a bit more creativity. Forty-four percent of college seniors said that social media posts that demonstrate the company culture like pictures of staff activities would make them more likely to apply for a job with a particular company.

One way to relate to modern job seekers is to use employees as advocates for company values, mission, work-life balance and office culture. Real stories with real people attached build transparency that invites job seekers to invest themselves in the organization. Let applicants in with engaging content and show them why your company is a place to begin their career.

Expand Your Reach

Let’s not forget why they call it “social” media in the first place. One single post may be viewed countless times if it is retweeted, liked or shared. This means that the reach your content is easily seen by not only your immediate followers, but their followers as well. The result could be passive candidates who may not be looking right now, getting to see what life as an employee is like. Along with increasing follower count, organizations can draw in traffic to career sites and increase applications as well. The ability to share posts about open positions is also a great way to get current employees involved. Many companies have established programs where employees can blast out pre-made posts about job openings to their own internal networks. By engaging users with meaningful content and an engaging employer brand, the reach of potential job seekers and overall applicant traffic is increased.

Social media is opening up new doors for recruiters, and it is getting easier to manage multiple channels with recruiting software. To make the most of these strategies and expand into more social platforms, take a look at Social Media Recruiting Tools: 6 Networking Sites You Need to Use.

Beyond LinkedIn, Recruiting on Other Popular Social Platforms

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Jess Woloszyn


February 17, 2017


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