6 Strategies for Sourcing Candidates You Should Be Using

The world of talent acquisition is constantly changing, giving recruiters access to better and more powerful hiring tools that have the power to improve processes such as decreasing time-to-fill. However, there’s one thing that has remained the same—everyone is looking to hire top talent for their team and organization.

Candidate Sourcing Strategies

By focusing on these six candidate sourcing strategies, companies can successfully find and engage quality candidates.

1. Post on Strategic Job Boards – According to Hiring Insights, 30 percent of hires come from job boards. With this research statistic in mind, it only makes sense then for companies to expand candidate visibility further by posting open positions to multiple job boards. Organizations should look to advertise on channels where candidates are already looking such as Indeed.

2. Optimize the Application ExperienceHuman Resources Online reported that 83 percent of recruiters agree that power has shifted away from where it has been for years, the employer, and toward the candidate. This statement holds stronger today than ever and therefore, recruiters must think about the candidate experience always—from the candidates first visit to their company’s career page to employee onboarding and everything in between.

Two things for companies to consider are how long it takes a candidate to apply to any given open position and how many clicks it takes a candidate to fill in an application. Overall, recruiters should be able to put themselves in the candidate’s shoes to ensure best practices are in play. For example, your career site should display accurately both on mobile and through desktop and an organization’s job applications shouldn’t include any unnecessary questions.

To make the candidate’s life a little easier, the calendar and availability view within iCIMS Recruit allows recruiters to seamlessly share an appointment to their candidate’s external calendar.

3. Maintain Relationships – One of the best sourcing strategies is for companies to maintain positive relationships with all candidates. This can be accomplished by keeping candidates informed on company news and job openings through automated emails. When possible, recruiters should personalize emails and track engagement. Companies that effectively market their employment brand and culture to the best candidates will keep their company top of mind, build stronger candidate pools, and fill open jobs faster.

When used in conjunction with iCIMS Recruit, iCIMS Connect makes it easy to fill talent pools with top talent using intuitive email marketing features, recruiting event functionality, and job recommendation portals.

4. Utilize Social Sourcing – Candidates want information fast, and thanks in part to social media sites this has become the new norm. To build a strong social sourcing program, recruiters should invite employees to share company news and job openings across their personal social accounts. Today’s technologies allow employees to seamlessly opt into set it and forget it job publishing where company information can be shared simultaneously. When organizations tap into their employee networks they increase brand awareness and expand candidate reach.

In fact, LinkedIn recently shared that 47 percent of organizations reported that their social media presence was their most effective branding tool and another 43 percent reported that social professional networks were their top source of quality hires. The social media landscape is a space that encourages conversation; therefore, feedback and continual sharing of authentic information (either company or industry focused) is important for all organizations to follow.

With iCIMS Recruit, job openings are posted to participating employees’ social profiles at a frequency of their choosing and without any effort after initial set up.

5. Mine Candidates Through Employee Referrals – Organizations don’t need to look far to recruit and source candidates. A company’s current employees have the potential to be their best hiring tool. Not convinced? Hiring Insights found that 88 percent of employers, rate employee referrals above all other sources for quality hires—fulfilling job requirements quicker, staying longer, and referring other candidates. By building an employee referral program, recruiters can hire top talent and avoid backfilling roles.

Make it easy for current employees to share any connections that have the skills and experience the company is looking for. Recruiting technology can make the entire process seamless.

6. Track Recruitment Marketing Investments – Companies that measure and collect data points such as, traffic on career sites and source of hire have the information at their fingertips to adjust strategies and make smarter decisions, ensuring that only the most effective practices are used.

To create a candidate pool for current or future open positions, organizations should look at where the best employees were sourced from. Then use their recruiting software’s reporting capabilities to review metrics and break out data. Running reports on job board effectiveness can help a company determine where to allocate resources. The most successful companies also stay up to date on labor market insights and recruitment trends to make the best decisions for their company.

iCIMS Recruit provides companies with comprehensive recruiting reporting capabilities such as the ability to schedule automated reports, track important KPI’s in real-time, measure day-to-day activities, and provide executive dashboards to monitor overall program effectiveness.

6 Strategies for Sourcing Candidates You Should Be Using

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March 21, 2017


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