5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Global Recruitment Strategy

Successful international businesses demand a strong pipeline of qualified talent. Implementing recruitment best practices will help you build a high-volume talent pipeline your global business depends on.

Recruitment is already hard enough, and international companies have additional complexities and procedures to follow. Talent acquisition software is an incredibly important part of recruitment success. To establish a beneficial recruiting environment, international business leaders need to be aligned on the investments being made for talent acquisition software.

Accomplish more by considering the following five recruitment best practices:

1. Simplify Your Recruitment Management

Although international businesses require many different workflows and processes, you can still standardize processes among disparate locations. Simplifying your recruiting efforts to one, single platform model lets you break down the complexities that arise from managing locations around the world.

2. Improve Accessibility by Centralizing Candidate Data

With standardized recruitment practices, you can gain a well-rounded view into hiring trends by synching universally-accessible candidate profiles. Candidate profiles contain information-rich data, which can be used to analyze and improve your worldwide recruitment efforts.

3. Maintain International Compliance

Compliance is amplified even further with global talent acquisition. International companies face having to remain compliant with different legislations from all over the world. From GDPR and other similar efforts, a globally-equipped recruiting platform helps organizations to operate more efficiently and securely.

4. Create a Consistent Candidate Experience

Hiring internationally also means competing for top-performing talent throughout different labor markets. A way to combat that is to create a consistent, branded candidate experience attracting candidates to your organization.

5. Align your C-Suite for Maximum ROI

Executives and leaders within any organization look for technology that positively impacts operations and the organization’s bottom line. For global recruitment technology, it’s imperative that leaders are provided with details of how every tool for talent acquisition is used and the ROI it provides to the business. Offering leaders accessibility into the key performance metrics will help your organization to shape the best overall global recruitment strategy.

Strengthening your recruitment strategy isn’t something that’s done without a village of people behind it. With endless operations to tend to, jobs to fill and candidates to qualify, take a holistic view at your processes and what needs to be improved upon.

Does your current software allow you to view each separate system under one system of record? Do you have strong multi-lingual capabilities, making it easier for your employees to work in their preferred language? If not, you may need to reconsider your recruitment technology. Quality talent acquisition software is a crucial piece of ensuring global success.

5 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Global Recruitment Strategy

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iCIMS Staff


February 21, 2019


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