4 Employee Onboarding Best Practices To Help Your Recruits Bloom

Employee Onboarding Best Practices

Ever hear of the expression, “bloom where you’re planted”? It means to take advantage of the opportunities presented in one’s life and to be grateful for what you have. However, gardeners don’t just plant seeds and stop there, they ensure the environment is just right with the appropriate amount of water and sunlight. When talking about new hires, recruiters and companies alike must realize that hiring a top candidate and simply giving them an employee handbook and desk is not nearly enough to turn them into a successful and productive employee — certain care must also take place.

Here are four employee onboarding best practices to help your new hires bloom into your best employees, this spring:

Renew with a Proper Welcoming

Starting a new job can be a big transition. Stress, nerves and the over consumption of new information can cause any new hire to feel vulnerable. Start by making an internal and external announcement that welcomes your new hire. Remember, this person was likely your top candidate so let the world, or at least your new hire and team know that they picked you and you plan to retain them.

When making your announcement, include information about your new hire, such as:

·       The role they are fulfilling

·       Past projects, achievements, and biggest hurdles

·       Favorite activities outside of work

·       Anything else that might bring your coworkers closer together

Chances are this will also give your new hire a sense of purpose or feeling of revival.

Be sure to have your new hire’s desk, phone, internet access, applications, programs, and any other essentials set up for when they arrive. This extra step shows a new hire that they are valued. Not to mention, it allows them to get to work faster, saving you money.

A welcoming wouldn’t be proper without some fine wine and dining, too. Okay, you can forgo the fine wine, but setting up a lunch or happy hour is important. This gives the new hire the opportunity to ask questions that may have come up and for you to share important information like office etiquette in a more relaxed setting.

How else can you ensure a fruitful welcome?

Employee onboarding allow recruiters to greet new hires before their first day with welcome messages, images, and videos that are specific to the employees’ role while being housed on an online portal. Within the portal, you can streamline I-9 and E-Verify processes that are paperless and assign your new hire(s) onboarding tasks with due dates. Automated email reminders can help you encourage your new hires to have them completed before they walk in the door for their first day.

Ensure Resources Are Readily Available for the Picking

Research indicates that over 30 percent of employees know whether they will stay with their company long-term after their first week. Don’t let any employees leave because they were frustrated that they couldn’t find the resources they needed to work effectively in their first weeks with your company.

Instead, gather a list of go-to key resources for your new hires to review and refer to. This can be team and department bios, your organizational chart, floor plans of where co-workers sit and where rooms are located, company decks, annual reports, your company website, a dictionary of industry jargon, or recent marketing materials—to give you some ideas.

It may be time-consuming to pull together, but your new hire will likely find value in the insight. Just be cautious not to provide too much at once as new hires are busy: trying to understand who’s who in the company, setting up their benefits, familiarizing themselves with their surroundings, and starting on projects.

When possible make introductions for your new hires and have meetings scheduled on their calendars before they set foot through the door. This puts necessary time aside for them to meet key team members and stakeholders. Still, it can be difficult to remember all the names, roles, and faces therefore, having a document or “cheat-sheet” so to speak with important co-workers and their key details can prove to be invaluable.

Offer a Healthy Dose of Training

Give your new hires an appropriate amount of time to complete training. This can include learnings about your company’s core values or a training on Excel tricks. You want your new hire to understand then retain the information you ultimately need them to. When you don’t give your employees the training they need (and desire), your other co-workers’ time is on the line.

Having training programs ready to go for your new hire’s first week gives you the opportunity to teach your new employees the way you want. Do it right the first time so you don’t have to teach multiple times.

Now, many companies mention training as a perk to inspire a top candidate to choose their company over a competitor. Be sure that if you mention professional development or personal development training that you mean it. Besides, offering opportunities for your employees to grow, develop, and advance their abilities won’t make them run to another job like you fear. Rather your employees will respect that you’re invested in them and their skills and they will most likely work harder. Not to mention, more efficiently.

Awaken and Energize with an Ownership Approach

Instill a level of ownership onto your new hires early in the onboarding process This can help them feel like a valued, trusted, and impactful part of your company. For example, consider giving your new hires authority to make certain decisions. Empowering your employees allows them to have important learning experiences where they get the chance to figure out a solution on their own without taking time away from co-workers or other stakeholders. This can lead to stronger confidence on projects and future decisions.

Instilling ownership also means listening to the ideas that your new hires bring and implementing them when they make sense. When your employees feel like an essential part of your team and company, you’ll be surprised to find that they will naturally rise to the occasion when needed while also aspiring to keep reaching higher.

Use our onboarding tips to make onboarding your future new hires as seamless as possible while also ensuring that you set them up for success as employees and increase your retention rate.

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4 Employee Onboarding Best Practices To Help Your Recruits Bloom

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April 13, 2017


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