3 Tips to Source Smarter with Automation and Talent Pools

You’ve spent days searching social networks and digging through your files, but no luck. You just don’t have the right person to bring in for that interview. Now it’s crunch time and you can feel your director watching you every time you get up to get something from the printer. They needed that role filled – yesterday. There’s a talent shortage and application rates are slow. But do they care? No; it costs a business, on average, $680 every day a job remains vacant. It is no surprise then, that accelerating talent pipelines is the top concern for talent leaders.

You won’t find the people you need as candidate demographics shift and talent acquisition costs spiral, resulting in a perpetual talent shortage, an impact to your employer brand and ultimately an inability to meet the business goals. Follow these three tips to build efficiencies around top-of-funnel engagement and build strong pipelines.

1. Source and search with talent pools

Work smarter, not harder. Look at the big picture to identify where you potentially have leaks in your pipeline, rather than putting more money against the problem. Shift your focus from task-based transactional recruiting to building efficiencies.

Building pipeline is easy when you set your tools up the right way:

  • Ensure that every job opening you have is exposed in a prioritized position from any job search, on any major career source. No need to invest in multiple job boards, when your search tools and career portals are working for you.

2. Provide candidates with a quick text in to apply option

Streamlining direct access to available positions, automated pre-screening and interview scheduling. Nurture talent already in your contacts and existing talent database.

Global customer experience company TTEC hires 60,000 people each year to provide customer service and operate call centers on behalf of the world’s most innovative brands. It would be virtually impossible to hire this volume without a strategy to keep their talent database engaged and keep their employer brand top of mind. So TTEC regularly sends automated text campaigns to their talent pipeline and alumni using TextRecruit, to inform candidates about new jobs available and invite them to apply again. Forty percent of candidates say “Yes!” they’re interested in a job, opening new conversations between TTEC recruiters and candidates. You can achieve similar results if you:

  • Leverage 1:1 or 1: many targeted text campaigns when engaging existing talent pools.
  • Scale response by leveraging AI to automate answers to frequently asked questions and recommend relevant jobs.

3. Reach talent, regardless of location with virtual career fairs

Create more strategic live interactions and broaden your reach to potential candidates regardless of their location or availability.

  • Schedule virtual events to re-engage with existing talent pools; and provide them with insight on what exciting new happenings or opportunities are occurring with your company.
  • Leverage live chat to screen candidates before live events.
  • Easily market and target hard to find and specialty talent.

With smarter sourcing and engagement with existing talent pools, you can differentiate yourself as an employer of choice. And allow you to hit your targets faster and reduce time to hire, regardless of labor market shifts and immediate business needs.

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