3 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

The flurry of incoming job postings and hires can only mean it’s that time of the year again, when summer hiring is rampant throughout seasonal industries. And while this hiring period for businesses can be almost as chaotic the jersey shore’s influx of tourists, it doesn’t have to be so stressful!

Inherently, there are some built in obstacles at play with the incoming wave of seasonal employees. For starters, your recruiting team will spend valuable time and resources screening and hiring candidates that will likely be gone within a couple of months.

Below, we’ve complied three easy and effective ways to alleviate the headaches and simplify your high volume recruiting strategy.

1. Leverage Your Social Channels

According to iCIMS research, 57 percent of job seekers use social media to aid their job search on a monthly basis. Among the many places to showcase your jobs and captivating work environment, your social profiles are probably the most influential, especially with millennials. It’s your brands direct line of communication to the world and the perfect outlet to endorse seasonal opportunities. We live in an era where Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and more have become the go-to channels to market our personal and professional brands, so this should be the primary focus of your recruitment marketing strategy. Branded social pages and shared visual content will engage with those active candidates seeking immediate work and begin nurturing relationships with the passive ones for future seasons.

2. Attract Millennials with Strong Soft Skills       

Seasonal positions attract youthful candidates for obvious reasons, with both high school and college students looking for summer work while school is out. Keep your eyes peeled for the key attributes that will serve your business. Consider those who possess strong soft skills, such as being friendly, organized, and accountable, as your primary targets. It will likely lead to a better customer experience. With a mobile optimized experience for a simple and fast application process, you should have no problem attracting and selecting from the cream of the crop!

3. Ask for Employee Referrals

One of the biggest advantages to the bulk hiring of seasonal employees is that you’ll likely have sustained access to their network of peers. With an incentivized employee referral program, you’ll have a great shot at connecting to better candidates by leveraging your most valuable company asset, your people. With 88 percent of employers citing their referrals as a primary source for quality of hire, according to iCIMS research, it makes sense that the recommendations of your top seasonal hires would lead to a strong, united workforce and great culture. This ensures your attracting a network of local candidates that are familiar with the community and with your customer base.

Seasons come and go, but with your candidate relationship management (CRM) tool keeping the lines of communication open with your best hires, it’s never been easier to maintain that relationship and elevate them to the top of your talent pool for future seasons to come! 

3 Tips for Hiring Seasonal Employees

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iCIMS Staff


June 29, 2017


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