3 Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation This Labor Day

When you hear “Labor Day”, your mind may jump right to a long weekend off from work and the last opportunity to get together with family and friends before summer comes to a close. Labor Day was officially established in 1894 to recognize worker’s rights in the height of the Industrial Revolution. At a time when the relationship between employee and employer was evolving, this nationally-recognized holiday became a celebration of the American worker. For some U.S. employees however, the work will not pause for Labor Day. So, how can employers recognize dedicated employees who will be working hard to ensure everyone is safe and happy this holiday weekend?

Turn Labor Day 2017 into its own employee appreciation day with these three simple and creative approaches.

1.Take the Time to Reflect on Performance

One way to acknowledge workers who will be clocking in on Monday is to dedicate time to reflect on important accomplishments that have occurred over the first half of the year. Whether these individuals are saving lives or providing an unforgettable experience to the local community, every organization has important milestones that are essential to overall success. As Labor Day approaches, it is a perfect time to collect individual, team and organizational achievements to present in a way that reminds each employee of the impact that they have day in and day out.

It can be difficult when individuals get lost in the shuffle of their daily routines, and often this type of recognition can come as a meaningful reminder of the way that their everyday tasks align with the broader success of the organization. To take it a step further, generate feedback that seeds from the top of the organization chart. Forty-two percent of employees feel that executive leadership does not contribute to a positive company culture, so an organization that changes that can increase the satisfaction felt as a result. It’s much easier for an employee to come into work on Labor Day knowing that their employer not only recognizes their dedication, but truly values the work that they do.

2.Offer Flexibility With Alternative Benefits

In industries, such as hospitality, security and healthcare, the holiday weekend is one of the busiest times of the year and awarding all employees a paid day off just isn’t a possibility. While Labor Day itself won’t be on the holiday calendar in these organizations, offering an alternative day off can be just as significant. With the tightening labor market spurring competition among employers to retain top-performing talent, 51 percent believe that offering benefits aimed at retaining employees will become extremely important over the next three to five years.

Every organization has its busy periods, so providing windows of time that are typically less busy to take advantage of paid time off is another great way to acknowledge and appreciate employees. Baking in flexible time off policies shows that the organization cares about work-life balance and can still reward hard work, even if it means working within the industry norms. Employees will feel confident that they are being appreciated and stay longer because of it.

3.Show Employees the Impact They Make

What better way to recognize those working on Labor Day than to include the people they interact with every day? Involving the local community in employee appreciation efforts can go a long way in terms of recognizing the work of these individuals, beyond just the internal organization. Given the nature of positions that typically require work on holidays like Labor Day, teaming up with local businesses is a great opportunity for employers to go the extra mile and ensure that it is a day they won’t soon forget.

For example, offering a town’s safety personnel or hospital staff a discount for the weekend on local attractions or eateries is a nice way to recognize the work they do, while allowing them to make the most of the time they do get with their families and loved ones. Make the reward of what your employees do on a daily basis into a reminder of how much they are appreciated by those who are impacted by it the most.

Regardless of how you show your employees appreciation, the goal is to make sure that they know the organization cares about them, and recognizes their contribution. Feeling valued goes a long way and the effects can continue far beyond Labor Day. The ability to recognize hard work keeps great talent growing, and engaged with an organization.

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3 Creative Ways to Show Employee Appreciation This Labor Day

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Jess Woloszyn


August 31, 2017


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