susan vitale

Chief Marketing Officer

As Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at iCIMS, Susan Vitale leads a team of approximately 100 marketing and communications professionals responsible for branding, demand generation, public relations, events, as well as product and content marketing for the fast-growing talent acquisition solutions provider.

Vitale joined iCIMS as a Marketing Coordinator in 2005 and became CMO in 2009. She has helped build the company into one of the world’s leading talent acquisition technology providers with more than 4,000 customers and approximately $200 million in annual recurring revenue, generating double-digit growth each of the past five years.

Over the last decade, Vitale has been at the forefront of transforming the recruitment industry by delivering technology that simplifies complex recruitment processes, enabling employers to provide a superior experience for candidates and hire the best for their organizations.

Experienced at building high-performing diverse teams, Vitale is a member of several mentoring communities that provide career advice to young professionals. She holds a BS in Marketing with minors in public relations and communications from Lehigh University.

Core Value:

"I feel most connected with passion as a core competency here at iCIMS. You can see the spark in someone’s eye when they talk about something with passion, which is critical in marketing particularly. I am truly passionate about the iCIMS brand — we have a great story, and I want the world to know it!"

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